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Types of Window Replacements in Fridley, MN

November 15, 2019

Whether you need all of your windows replaced, or just a few, our experienced home window contractors can help you choose the right ones for your home. Residential windows come in a variety of styles and shapes to get just the right look. Check out a few home window replacement types we offer Fridley, MN, homeowners.


Casement Window Replacements

Casement windows are a great option for ventilation. This type of replacement window utilizes a crack or lever to swing the window open or closed. Typically, casements will swing out from your home, rather than into the room. However, depending on the amount of space you have outside, an inward swinging window may be the right option.


Double-Hung Window Replacements

Double-hung windows are slightly different than single-hung windows in the fact that both the upper and lower sashes move. This means that the upper sash can also slide down while the lower sash slides up. This makes for easier maintenance and better ventilation options. A great basic option for many homes.


Bay and Bow Window Replacements

Bay and bow windows are rows of windows, side-by-side, that arch out of your home in a rounded or angled shape. They add style and elegance to your living areas as well as adding detail and strength to the exterior design of your home. Certain sizes may also provide space for a decorative ledge or window seat. Bay and bow windows also provide a larger angle of viewing for the landscape around your home.


Picture Window Replacements

Picture windows do not open and are completely stationary. Therefore, they do not provide ventilation, but they tend to be very energy-efficient as there are no tracks or locks that let in drafts. Picture windows are a great option if you do not need to open your window. They provide great natural lighting and can be chosen with or without grids for the best style and viewing options for your home. Not having the sash and lock in the way provides a great view of the outdoors.


Slider Window Replacements

Slider windows have sashes that slide horizontally to open or close. They are a great alternative to casements when space is limited as they don’t open into the room or out into your landscape. They have a tight seal and strong lock, making them energy efficient for your home. Ask our team of experienced window installers for more information today.


Home window contractor, Fridley, MN

Window contractors at Alexander Exteriors can walk you through not only the basic types of windows but we can also help you choose the right options and details for your replacement windows. Frame materials, grid styles, energy-efficiency options, and more. We can work with your budget to choose the right brands and styles.


Our team also provides high-quality workmanship and the best customer service possible for our customers. Contact our Fridley, MN, window installers today to get a free quote and schedule your new home window replacements.

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