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Roof Hail Damage Repair

August 20, 2019

Roof Hail Damage Repair


A hailstorm can seriously damage your roof and compromise your roofing system’s ability to protect your home. There is little chance for you to avoid the intensity of harsh weather, but there is plenty to learn when it comes time for repair. The extent of the hail damage on your roof depends on the intensity of hailstorm. Significant hail damage typically happens if the hail is the size of a golf ball or bigger. If the hail is dense and driven with high winds, damaging hail can even very small.  Impacts from a hail storm can cause varying damage to your roof and other parts of your dwelling. Storm damages can increase the risk of a leaky roof that may lead to even more large-scale issues.

Roof hail damage depends on several factors.  These factors can include

  1. Age of your roof 

  2. Quality of material used for roofing

  3.  The slope or pitch of the roof

  4. Intensity of the storm

  5. Cover by trees or other structure

Weather factors include the density, size, and shape of hail. If you think hail did cause damage to your roof then you need to repair it as soon as possible. It is necessary to inspect your roof for damage after the hail storm.  The best way to determine damage is to contact a professional that is familiar with roof damage. 



Hail Damaged Roof and the Repair Process

To avoid growing problems after the storm make sure to take action right away. You need to repair your roof as soon as possible. Be sure to connect with a local and trustworthy roofing company for a professional inspection. If you have insurance coverage for your homes roof make sure your contractor is familiar and experienced with the storm damage claims process. A good contractor should have knowledge and experience homeowner insurance claims so they can help you get the repairs you need.  Taking early action can save you time as well as money.

You may have heard of the term "storm chaser”.  This sometimes refers to an organization that travels from storm to storm and often times are not local to the area that had the storm.  Folks will likely be knocking on your door requesting your business shortly after the storm. Some my do a great job, some may not.  If they travel from storm to storm they may not be in the area long after the work is completed. You need an experienced roof repair professional using good quality roofing materials to make sure your home is restored properly.  You will feel more comfortable working with a contractor that is local, established, licensed, insured and has great reviews from your community.  

Keep in mind some of these tips before repairing your roof damage:

Visual Inspection 

If you know a hailstorm has hit your area it's a great idea to request a visual inspection. Please make sure this is done safely by a professional.  Ask them to check the gutters, siding, windows, metal edges, and all slopes of the roof that may have evidence of damaging hail.

Document the Hail Damages 

It's helpful to take notes of when the storm happened.  Photographs and video recording can also be helpful for the process.  A hailstorm in your area will likely be documented by the insurance companies as well. There have been cases where hail has had a spotty path of destruction. It is possible that your neighbor’s roof could have escaped damages, where as your home may not have been so lucky.

Scheduled Professional Inspection 


When you have enough information the following best move is to contact your local roofing contractor. Let them know your concern and schedule a consultation accompanied by an expert full inspection. 

Report A Claim

This is typically done directly with your homeowners insurance provider.  After the professional evaluation, the next step is to connect with your insurance provider. Be sure to review your coverage and gain clarity on what your policy covers, and all details related to your claim. Your insurance will likely schedule an inspection with an adjuster to assist you with your claim.  Storm damage claims can often involve a lot of paperwork that can be confusing.  It is important to have detailed and accurate understanding to ensure you get all of the repairs you need to restore your home. Still have questions? Contact us now for a free consultation.  We are here to help.

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Roof Hail Damage Repair

August 20, 2019

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